Personal File: With the admission in this college a student deserves a personal file in which all the necessary documents like the learners' Bio-data, photograph, all photocopied certificates, address, phone number, class attendance report, improvement report of study etc. are recorded by the record keeper of the college.

College Dress and Identity Card: Students are to wear dress selected by the college authority and they have to carry the identity card provided by the college. A student to attend the classes or to collect any kind of information must wear college uniform and carry the identity card.

Dress of the Boys: Boys must wear half shirt in summer and full sleeve shirt in winter. The colour for pant is black and for shirt white. They must use the college badge as pocket. They should also wear black shoes.

Dress of the Girls: Girls must wear white coloured sallower-kamiz and a scarf of sky colour and to use black shoes to attend the classes.

Physical fitness and cleanliness: For good health the learners of the college are not allowed to keep their nails long and the boys must keep their hair short. Above all, they are highly expected to avoid unfitting and casual dress.

Identity Card: The learners must bear with identity card with necessary information provided by the college authority. In case of missing the identity card students can apply for another new identity card after filing a G.D in local police station and depositing fees in the selected bank. During college time the learners must keep it with them.

Class Co-ordinator : For monitoring the over all situation of education and to meet up the demands of the learners there is a class Co-ordinator for each section. The learners as well as the guardians can collect necessary information from the respective Co-ordinator.

Appointment of the class Co-ordenator: The learners as well as the guardians can meet the respective class Co-ordinator from 12:30 noon to 2:30 p.m in the college premises.

Class Monitor : Class monitors are selected from the students in each section. Their duties are to look after over all discipline of the class including the class room and to communicate with the class Co-ordinator.

Roster team: There is a roster team to monitor total education activities and to ensure the discipline in the college every opening day. Every roster team consists of at least seven members. Six roster teams perform their duties in every day separately. With the presence of the roster team, the gate of the college is opened for the students before 8.15 a.m. The roster team appears at the college by 8:00 a.m. To carry out the administrative rules of the college the roster team plays a vital role.

Class attendance: Students are to attend the classes regularly. If the learners' class attendance marks at least below 80%, they are not promoted to next classes, even, whatever their result maybe. The learners present 100% in the classes deserve credit from the college authority.

Duties and responsibilities, before the class, in the class room and after the class: The learners wearing college uniform must not stay else where on the way to college. He must arrive at the college by 8:00 a.m. After the bell ringing no body is allowed to attend the class. So, the learners are expected to reach the college at least 15 minutes earlier to scheduled time.
During class hour students are to remain in the class, and during this period loitering in the corridor or in the college campus is strictly prohibited. Without the prior permission from the authority students must not go out of the college campus, and if so happens the students must face penalty. On logical ground a student can take leave showing application to the college authority. After the class the students must not move here and there aimlessly wearing college dress. Warning: It is an obligation for the learners to obey the rules and regulations of the college. They must not involve themselves in subversive activities of the college. They must not damage any kind of asset or infrastructure of the college. They must keep themselves aloof from smoking or any kind of immoral activities. They must not show indifference to college dress. Any kind of writing on the bench or on the wall of the college is strictly prohibited. The students also must desist themselves from any kind of indecent behaviour and political activities.

Instruments for Recreation: The instruments hampering teaching and learning process in the class must not be carried in the college. So, students are asked not to carry the instruments like M.P-3, M.P-4, mobile phone etc. along with them in the college. If this sort of instrument is found with the students, it will be forfeited.

Examination Hall : The college authority arranges tutorial, semester and year final examination for the students of 1 st year, and also, tutorial, pre-test and test examination for the students of 2 nd year, At least 30 minutes early to start the exam. the students are to take their seats in the examination hall. For adopting any kind of unfair means in the examination hall the learners are punished as per the rules of the college.

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