Auditorium: The large gorgeously decorated auditorium of this college has added to the beauty of this college particularly. At least 200 spectators can seat together at a time here. Several programmes like cultural function, seminar, symposium etc. are held regularly in this air conditioned auditorium.

Computer laboratory: The Computer Laboratory of this college is providing 200 computers in a large and spacious room for the learners. This computer laboratory has been decorated in such a way that the learners can get the maximum benefit. The computer laboratory of this college, undoubtedly, is equipped with modern facilities hardly found in any other educational institute of Bangladesh .

Science Laboratory: To ensure the quality education of science every section of this department has a large and attractive science laboratory facilitated fully with modern apparatus and necessary materials. Along with the laboratory for Physics, Chemistry, Biology and all other laboratories of this college are directed by the experienced teachers and demonstrators of this college.

Library: A large air conditioned library of this college is one of the reputed libraries of the country. There are more than twenty thousand books in this library. In this bewildering library more than three hundred learners can study together at a time in a calm and quite silent environment. More over there is also a separate arrangement for the honourable teachers to study to this library.

Generator: Students are considered the spirit of the college, and to keep their liveliness spontaneous and to ensure uninterrupted teaching and learning environment this college has a powerful generator.

Lift: There are two powerful spacious lifts in this college so that this teachers and learners can easily and speedily move from ground floor to level to up level. Special Facilities:

For the poor meritorious students this college has a students' hostel. The students with A + in the S.S.C Exam. can enjoy free education here. They are also provided books free of cost, Above all, they are given Tk. 1,000 per month as stipend.

Prayer Room: There is a separate spacious place in the 1 st floor of the administrative building of this college for performing prayers.

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