Chairman's Message
About Chairman

I am going to start in the name of Almighty Allah who is so much merciful. Education is the backbone of a nation. The aim of quality education is to flourish humane quality learners. Today’s learners will be the pioneer and future of the nation. To create an enlightened nation Ideal College was established in 1969. The college is located in the heart of Dhaka City. It is a self-financed and smoking free educational institution. The main aim of this esteemed college is to teach the learners by adjusting theoretical knowledge to reality through facing the challenges of globalization and twenty first century. Another aim is to make the learners humanistic and rational. If the father of the nation’s “Sonar Bangla” is expected to be built up, science oriented consciousness and root finding generations’ renaissance is inevitable. Only bookish knowledge can’t ensure real learning. So, other co-curricular activities are run in this famous institution.

As the relationship between teachers and students is very deep here, the issue of teaching happens carefully and necessary measures are taken for the continuous improvement of teaching. As a consequence of it, the results in the public examinations are constantly satisfactory. The Ideal College family is always trying its level best to uphold disciplines and the standard of education. This college is determined to make the learners research the top of success maintaining the congenial environment and purity of education. Above all, Ideal College is such a place of learning where the teachers and the learners have the only aim to acquire knowledge of different branches. And they can apply the acquired knowledge in their practical life.  

(Syed Rezaur Rahman, Advocate)

Chairman, Governing Body

Ideal College

Dhanmondi, Dhaka-1205